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The Gdynia Meeting and Conference April 2018

The network meeting and conference 2018 was held in Gdynia in April. Read the report HERE!

The Mariehamn Meeting and Conference September 2017

The network meeting and conference 2017 was held in Mariehamn September 18th-20th 2017. Read the report HERE!

The Tallinn Board-meeting 2017

The Board-meeting 2017 was held in Tallinn April 3-4 2017. Read the report HERE!

The Vilnius Meeting and Conference September 2016

The network meeting and conference 2016 was held in Vilnius September 12th-14th 2016. Read the report HERE!

The Stockholm Board-meeting 2016

The Boardmeeting 2016 was held in Stockholm April 6-7 2016. Read the report HERE!

The Bornholm Meeting and Conference September 2015

The network meeting and conference 2015 was held on Bornholm September 21st-23rd 2015. Read the report HERE!

The Vilnius Board-meeting 2015

The Board-meeting was held in Vilnius April 9-10 2016. Read the report HERE!


Europa Nostra to Estonian Open Air Museum!

Across Europe, owners of authentic homes which are not officially listed are often left to their own devices for maintenance and restoration. The Jury were therefore pleased to proclaim this Museum's initiative to help owners of traditional rural houses in Estonia with practical hands-on training as an example to the rest of Europe. Read more!

The Turku Meeting and Conference September 2014

The network meeting and conference 2014 was held in Turku September 22nd-24th 2014. Read the report Here!

The Riga Board-meeting April 2014

The Board-meeting was held in Riga April 2nd-3rd 2014. Read the report Here!

The Tallinn Meeting and Conference September 2013










 The networkmeeting 2013 was held in Tallinn. Read the report HERE!


Flagship-Project: Bridging the past, present and future - Baltic Museums bonding for Baltic branding

This is the title of the Seed-money project Gotlands Museum has been given grants for from the Swedish Institute (SI). Read the project description here: Museums bonding for Baltic branding

Or see the comprehensive one-picture version Here!

The Lolland Falster Board-meeting April 2013

The board-meeting 2013 was held in Museum Lolland Falster, Denmark in April 2013. Read the full report here!  Lolland-Falster meeting_2013.pdf


The Elblag Meeting and Conference October 2012

The second network-meeting was held in Elblag, Poland, in October 2012. The first day was a conference on the topic "The Baltic around 1300". The second day the network-meeting was held and the third day was spent visiting the amazing castle of Malbork.

Read the report from the Elblag meeting here!


The Sigtuna Board-meeting June 2012

In June 2012 a directors' and projectleaders' meeting was held in Sigtuna. Read the report by clicking the link below!

The Sigtuna meeting

 The Visby meeting and conference October 2011

The first network meeting was held 3-5 October 2011 in Visby. Around 30 participatians from 7 museums were taking part. Report from the Visby-meeting


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Joining the Network as Museum

Do you want to join the network as a museum? Then you should feel very welcome!

Before doing so, please read The Operational Guidelines carefully.

Then contact network-manager Agnieszka Draczkowska at


Baltmus Annual Network Meeting in Ystad (October 2019) CANCELLED

Due to little interest in the Baltmus Annual Network Meeting in Ystad (2-4th October 2019), together with the Ystad Abbey Museum we decided to cancel the conference. Both the conference and the board meeting will be rescheduled. We'll inform about new conference dates soon. 

European Year of Cultural heritage 2018

Council and European Parliament have decided establishing a European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. 

Cultural heritage encompasses resources from the past in a variety of forms and aspects.

The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness of European history and values and to strengthen a sense of European identity. At the same time, it draws attention to the opportunities offered by our cultural heritage, but also to the challenges it faces. 

2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development

The United Nation has designated 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

This is a unique opportunity to raise awareness of the contribution of sustainable tourism to development among public and private sector decision-makers and the public, while mobilizing all stakeholders to work together in making tourism a catalyst for positive change. The museums are very imoprtant actors in this respect!

Europa Nostra to Estonian Open Air Museum!


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